Although Margaret River Zinfandel is uncommon, it is an exciting style of wine which will delight your pallet.  Our 1300 vines are located at the western end of the Burton block on Forrest Grove gravelly loam and average only around 4 tonnes of fruit.  The viticulture can be challenging because the grape bunches can ripen irregularly producing raisin berries that provide more sugars and give a richness to the ‘big’ fruit in the wine.  Of course we give our soil particular attention, with minimal chemical input.  Great soil, with the fabulous south west climate, and a nice blend of American and French oak makes for a delicious big Zin.


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2013 The 8th (deadly Zin) Zinfandel

This is ever so slightly dryer style this year, still wonderful tasty fruit as before.  This is a serious Zinfandel provided for good value – sure to delight you enthusiasts.

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2014 Reserve Zinfandel

This is the serious one.  But how tasty can you get a Zinfandel?  All this release comes from only one barrel so there are only 30 dozen available.  Sure to be a classic, it is going to age for years and enthusiasts will kick themselves if they miss out. 

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2014 The 8th (deadly Zin) Zinfandel

Zinners be grinners. Delight in a rich, ripe bouquet with cranberries, blueberry and a hint of liquorice. Enjoy a lovely bright palate with ripe black currant and jam and nicely balanced red berry acidity.  Fabulous with roasts.  Cellar for 5+ years, if you can wait for that pleasure!

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